Would you like to be able to edit your own work and take your writing to a more professional level?

Having a well-edited manuscript to self-publish or send off to agents you’re hoping will represent you is key to getting noticed in the right way!

I first heard of ProWritingAid when listening to a podcast, and as with so many tools, I thought, ‘Oh, that sounds cool,’ but never got round to trying it out…until recently, when I wanted to get a piece of work up to scratch before I submitted it. Now I’ve tried ProWritingAid, it will always be my go-to tool when editing my work ready to be published.

Trying to get a publishing deal? If you want to impress someone enough that they’re wiling to invest time and money into publishing your book for you, the least you can do is send them a tidy sample of your work. ProWritingAid tells you exactly what would benefit from an edit, and the best part is that you can have 500 words analysed as many times as you like.

So now you have no excuses! Watch my demo then get yourself over to ProWritingAid and try it out for yourself!

Click here to try ProWritingAid for yourself and to learn more about how this fantastic self-editing tool can help bring you better book reviews and assist you on your quest to find an agent to take on your book.


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