Janice Cumberlidge grew up in Blackpool in the UK. She studied mathematical engineering at Loughborough University and went on to work in software engineering, only deviating from this career path to spend two years as a portrait photographer. 

Based on her own experience and skill set, Janice regularly provides other authors with self-publishing and website advice, and has presented online demonstrations and live classes. She lives in Preston and is currently working on her first full-length novel under the guidance of Louise Dean at The Novelry.


Hidden: A Short Story of Teen Love

Kayla finds yet another mystery gift in her school locker. But who is it from and how did it get there?

Kayla is in her final year of high school, studying hard for her exams. She also works part-time at the local hardware store, where she feels more at home with her 70-year-old boss than she does with her own parents.

Can the store owner help Kayla uncover the mystery of the gifts, and how will she feel once she discovers the truth?

A short, heart-warming story of teen love.


Cracking The Website Code Book

Cracking The Website Code / Website Organiser

Janice is a full-time software developer and web designer. Her website books provide site owners with the ability to design and maintain their own site, and understand how to tailor the site to the needs of their ideal audience member.


A Subtle Take on The Seven Deadly Sins

Janice is writing a series of short stories entitled ‘A Subtle Take on the Seven Deadly Sins’, which feature women leads in trying circumstances.

She has also had short stories published in anthologies, and is currently working on her first full-length novel.

Sleighwrecked: One Santa, One Mission: Get to London by Christmas.

Santa Dave, responsible for all the present deliveries across London, is stuck on a desert island with a broken sleigh, with only two days until Christmas. If Dave doesn’t get back to the UK in time, he’ll also miss the one and only chance he gets to see his eight-year-old daughter, Evie.

When a boat runs aground on the island, Dave is filled with hope that this shipwrecked stranger can help fix the sleigh and save Christmas, but Dave soon finds he has much more to battle than a grounded sleigh.

Will Dave get back to London to save Christmas in time?

This 9,000 word novelette will keep you entertained for 45-60 minutes.

Seasonal Shorts: An Anthology of Christmas Stories and Poems

These Christmas-inspired stories and poems are the perfect quick read!

From romantic to comedy to blood-curdling horror, and from tales of Santa’s pants to those of neighbourly love, this well-rounded seasonal anthology is sure to contain something you’ll love.

And the best bit? Many of the stories are flash fiction, meaning they can be read in just a couple of minutes or less, so you can fit in a quick read on your lunch break or in the queue at the store.

26 stories, written by 16 authors from Preston, Lancashire in the UK, Seasonal Shorts is our gift to you at Christmas. Which will be your favourite?

Janice has two stories included in this anthology.

Love, Literally: A Collection of Short Stories and Poems on the Theme of Love

What does love mean to you?
Love, Literally, is a collection of 40 short reads, each encapsulating the theme of ‘love’:

  • First love reignited
  • Romantic encounters
  • Love in unusual circumstances
  • The pain of a lover scorned
  • The purity of love only a parent knows
    And much, much more…

Love can be romantic and magical, or sometimes dark and disturbing, and this anthology takes you on a journey through its many guises. This is not chick lit, this is love in the raw.

Janice has two stories included in this anthology.


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