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Based on random names and ideas from a story generator program, this piece of flash fiction was written in 15 minutes.

The ideas it was based on were:

  • Male named Alfredo
  • Female named Orpha
  • They are dating
  • They are on a ski lift
  • The scenario involves a bank robbery
  • It’s the afternoon

Enjoy my flash fiction – I named it The Lift.

The Lift

“Is that a gun in your pocket or are you pleased to see me?” joked Orpha, as Alfredo snuggled closer on the lift, sixty feet above the snow fields.

He flashed his eyebrows, giving her a sly grin. The barrel was still hot from the heist—if only she knew the truth.

Orpha put her right hand on Alfredo’s thigh, squeezing the firm quads underneath his padded ski suit. She felt the years of solitude dissolving, and imagined the day when mini Alfredos would be running around their chalet in the Italian countryside.

The low sun made Orpha squint, but Alfredo seemed more concerned with what was behind them than the beauty of the afternoon light.

“Hey, you okay?”

“Yeah good babe, no worries,” replied Alfredo in his cute Italian accent.

“I’m starving, Alfie, shall we stop off at the cafe at the top? Those pastries are to die for.”

Alfredo reached into his jacket pocket, feeling around for a few seconds. Expecting him to fetch out his phone, when she saw what he held in his hand, she knew there was more than an apricot Danish on the menu.

“Alfie?” Orpha tendered, staring at the wad of notes.

“Let’s buy the goddam place.”

Janice Cumberlidge

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