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Part 2 – Give Yourself Permission

When deciding whether to start writing a book, your mind can become riddled with self-doubt. The chatter in your brain can be incessant and if you’re not careful, you can talk yourself out of it all too quickly.

“What gives me the right to write a book?”

“Who’s going to believe anything I write?”

“I don’t have enough experience to write about this”.

All of the above are just crazy head-talk and you need to ignore it. What’s really happening is you’re looking for excuses not to start. If there’s one tiny but legitimate reason to avoid getting down to the hard work or leaving yourself open to the potential disappointment of a bad review, your mind will find it. But honestly, it’s all garbage, and unless you truly believe you’re not qualified to talk about a subject for the length of a book, it’s time to step up and get on with what you truly want to do. Just write your book.

How I Overcame The Crazy Talk

I’m no different to anyone else on this score, and, without being overly sexist, I think that being a woman may make me even more prone to over-analysing and feeling under-confident about what I have to offer. But when I thought about it logically, I came up with these reasons why I should go ahead and write my book:

  • I have 22 years experience in software development
  • I have been designing websites for clients for 14+ years and they are always pleased with the outcome
  • I truly want to help as many people as possible and there are thousands of people who need my help

And that, as they say, is a wrap. No more self-talk. No more procrastination. Let the journey begin.

Write out your reasons to start now… and no excuses!

Read part 3 here and discover how I shortened my timescales to just 90 days.

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