Hidden: A Short Story of Teen Love

Hidden: A Short Story of Teen Love

Kayla finds yet another mystery gift in her school locker. But who is it from and how did it get there?

Kayla is in her final year of high school, studying hard for her exams. She also works part-time at the local hardware store, where she feels more at home with her 70-year-old boss than she does with her own parents.

Can the store owner help Kayla uncover the mystery of the gifts, and how will she feel once she discovers the truth?

A short, heart-warming story of teen love.

A quick read for a lunch break or bedtime.

Sleighwrecked: One Santa, One Mission: Get to London by Christmas.

Santa Dave, responsible for all the present deliveries across London, is stuck on a desert island with a broken sleigh, with only two days until Christmas. If Dave doesn’t get back to the UK in time, he’ll also miss the one and only chance he gets to see his eight-year-old daughter, Evie.

When a boat runs aground on the island, Dave is filled with hope that this shipwrecked stranger can help fix the sleigh and save Christmas, but Dave soon finds he has much more to battle than a grounded sleigh.

Will Dave get back to London to save Christmas in time?

This 9,000 word novelette will keep you entertained for 45-60 minutes.

Envy: Who Really Has It All? (A Subtle Take on The Seven Deadly Sins Book 1)

An ordinary day at the office. But who’s the new girl? And would you want to be her?
When tall, slim Georgia arrives in the office, dropped off by her gorgeous boyfriend, heads turn and the women of the office can’t help but notice her. But what’s really going on beneath that cool exterior?

Told from five different points of view, this short read provides a thought-provoking look at how envy can rear its ugly head in our everyday lives, and how one person’s dream can be another’s struggle.

Gluttony: It’s Not Just About The Cake (A Subtle Take on The Seven Deadly Sins Book 2)

What do you get when you cross the Great British Bake Off with Britain’s Got Talent? Britain’s Got Cake of course!

When Morgan and Tricia come head to head in the finals, can one triumph over the other, or will the cake take on a life of its own and ruin both girls’ chances of winning?

This fun short read, which features appearances from some famous faces, takes a fresh look at gluttony and what really lies behind some seemingly simple pleasures.
Grab a copy of Gluttony (and a slice of cake) and enjoy!

Pride: Comes Before a Fall (A Subtle Take On The Seven Deadly Sins Book 3)

Ruth Davis is a secret book hoarder, fuelled by her job at the library.

Even though she is loved by her work colleagues, they don’t know half the story.

Ruth has lost her daughter and is now in danger of losing everything. Can her colleagues save her before it’s too late?

Lust: She Wants You…Dead (A Subtle Take on The Seven Deadly Sins Book 4)

What would you do if your husband had cheated on you seven times since you were married?

That’s the question facing Heather when she discovers her husband’s little black book of conquests, in which he gives each girl a score out of ten.

Can Heather avenge her pitiful six out of ten rating and put an end to Jake’s philandering once and for all?

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