Cracking The Website Code: Grow Your Own Online Business Faster With A Smarter Website and Savvy Marketing

Struggling to make your website pay? Learn how to design it so your visitors can’t help but buy from you! Do you hate sitting at the computer, wondering what on earth to do with your website? Do you wish there was an easier way to know what to change, so you could attract more customers? Through easy-to-follow tips and exercises, Cracking The Website Code gives you the tools and knowledge you need to finally create a website your customers love. In this book, you’ll discover:

  • The 10 essential ingredients every website must have
  • Pro tricks so you can avoid looking like an amateur
  • How to increase your earning potential with simple changes to your site
  • How to secure your future by growing your email list
  • Ways to make money from your website, even if you have nothing to sell, and much more…

Finally, you no longer have to be frustrated with your website. Janice’s jargon-free, expert guide, with WordPress tips, practical business advice, checklists and a free companion workbook, will help you launch your website success story today.

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WordPress Website Organiser: Log Everything, Lose Nothing

The perfect place to record every little detail about your WordPress website.
From domain and hosting details to the colour codes you’ve chosen for your site, and from plugins to costings, you now have one place to record it all.

The WordPress Website Organiser is not just a place to record your site details but also acts as a checklist for all the components needed for a successful website.

By noting down all your website information in this organiser, you’ll have everything to hand when you need to refer to something later. No more searching through countless emails for login details, no surprise costs coming back to bite you, and no more scraggy bits of paper to keep together. Be prepared to get organised!

This book is also available in a 5-website version – great for those with multiple websites or for web designers and developers to log client website details.

Gift Organiser: Plan and Record Every Birthday, Holiday and Occasional Gift You Give!

Use The Gift Organiser and ensure you never buy the same gift twice! Keep tabs on upcoming occasions, as well as your spending.

With a summary chart to record your family and friends’ birthdays and special occasions, you can quickly see which events are due and plan accordingly.

The Gift Organiser contains a section for birthday gifts, and one for holiday and other occasional gifts (weddings, christenings, teacher gifts etc.), with enough entries to last you a few years.

Perfect for anyone who likes to be organised throughout the year!

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