Book Review - How To Write A Sizzling Synopsis - Bryan Cohen
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Book Review: How To Write A Sizzling Synopsis By Bryan Cohen

If you don’t know Bryan Cohen, I would describe him as a happy-go-lucky, larger-than-life character who is full of energy and enthusiasm for all things self-publishing. He co-hosts the Sell More Books Show podcast together with Jim Kukral, and also delivers webinars and courses on the various aspects of being a self-published author. Bryan is a copywriter and as such, knows how to write compelling headlines and descriptions for books.

In How To Write A Sizzling Synopsis, Bryan outlines the exact format he uses to create book descriptions that not only sound good but more importantly, encourage readers to click the Buy button.

Step-By-Step Guide

As you can imagine, there are some standard tricks of the trade that Bryan uses in his book descriptions, and he goes through them one-by-one, encouraging you to follow through by completing an exercise at the end of each chapter.

If you have a fiction book that’s not selling as well as you’d like, Bryan’s techniques could certainly make your book more marketable, as long as you follow his advice.

Common Problems Identified

Where many authors go wrong is writing a description that’s too long or too detailed, doesn’t hook you in at the start, or doesn’t finish with a bang. Bryan coaches you on how to edit your own synopsis to get it into a state that’s exciting, often mysterious and definitely click-worthy.

How Useful Is The Book?

This is a fairly quick read, I think it took me no longer than 90 minutes to get through, which is perfect if you want to get down to the nitty-gritty and get your book description sorted out, once and for all. And the good thing is that towards the end of the book, Bryan has a 7-point summary of all the steps needed to create your Sizzling Synopsis, so if you’ve read the book through once, you won’t need to trawl through it again looking for all the main points, they’re all there in short form. Nice touch.

One Final Request

There’s only one thing I’d say to Bryan and that’s this… When is the non-fiction equivalent coming out? I now know how to write descriptions for my forthcoming novels, but what about my non-fiction books? Pretty please, Bryan?

See For Yourself

Learn more about Bryan’s book here:

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